My philosophy is simply summed up by the following :

“Allah has not created any disease without also creating a medicine of a remedy for it”.
– Hadith; Al-Bukhari

Upon the realization of the statement made by the last prophet of The Creator (SWT), and the finalizer of prophetic and ancestral traditions, Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), gave me the motivation and energy for my work, and to empower others with this understanding as it relates to their health, their body and the simplicity of finding health through following nature’s laws. I serve as a natural health guide for my clients to bring them to the level of health that they are willing to work for.

Gratuitous Explanation of My Philosophy

I am NOT a medical doctor basher! Many people who seek natural health practitioners have become discouraged with the medical profession. I stress to my clients that we need to engage the expertise of medical doctors, surgeons, and physicians of all sorts to help us with a specific diagnosis and understanding of medical options when dealing with a seriously diseased body. Not to mention the need we have for medical emergencies and/or prescription drugs when appropriate. I encourage harmony between all professions, keeping the client’s best interest top priority.

However, my goal is to help people regain and then maintain health with natural therapies and lifestyles, so that they will not require medical intervention. If my clients are dealing with a serious disease, many times we work in cooperation with a supportive physician and my natural program to help them regain and then maintain full health.

Again, the purpose is to alleviate human suffering, with the knowledge that The Creator gives us everything we need to allow us to be our own saviors!

I believe that as a society we have lost or ignored natural solutions because of technology, chemicals, medicine, pollution, and living in times of information overload and quick fixes. I try to show my clients the answers that nature has for us…which is usually the simplest of solutions! I help my clients break their “conditioning” that medical doctors have so long trained us to believe–that the doctor cures you! I teach that The Creator and the body cures itself–IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY. Through books, the classes and consultations I teach how to create that OPPORTUNITY. I guide people to take back responsibility for their own health and empower them with the tools necessary to live as they were meant to live–robust, healthy, & happy!

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